THE CHALLENGER® Series Iron/Manganese Water Filters from Rainsoft are engineered for maximum filtration and performance with minimum maintenance. These units deliver great results in rural areas and lake communities. Wherever you live, enjoy clean, odor-free, colorless water and stain-free clothes and fixtures.

THE CHALLENGER® Series Carbon (GAC) Water Filters are an economical way for you to enjoy a constant supply of great-tasting, odorless water, with no chlorine. We manufacture a carbon filter for every residential and commercial application. Challenger Series GAC filters safely and effectively remove many organic and chemical contaminants. A Challenger water filter provides a competitive advantage to the food service and hospitality industry. Your customers will appreciate better tasting, water, ice, coffee, tea, soft drinks and other beverages. Rainsoft’s Challenger Series GAC water filters are a practical, cost effective solution to taste, odor and chlorine problems in your water.